Blackbird Caye Resort

Blackbird Caye Resort


Blackbird Caye Resort situated on the private island at the Mesoamerican reef system - renowned as a "Jewel of the Caribbean" - the top barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere that contain mangrove forests, sandy coast, plurality of vivid corals and plurality of marine wildlife. Resort provides pool, private beach, lounge bar, PADI courses and restaurant. Hotel restaurant menu include international and local meals combined with freshly caught seafood.

Within the reef guests can find Turneffe atoll the caye where the hotel is situated. Turneffe island is the greatest between the most biologically various 3 atolls that disposed in the Caribbean area. Isle is a homelocation to more than 500 species of fishes, manatees, invertebrates, dolphins, more than 65 kinds of rocky corals and 350 species of mollusk. More than 70 dive spots are available around resort atoll, among them such places as: Blue Hole - it is a crash grot roof from the risen seas following the ice age that has left geologic secrets and a hole in 120 meters deep in which divers can go to 36 metres deep to observe view of sunken stalactites. Silver Caves provide immersion up to 25 metres. Along the petty wall are caves with flocks of silversides settlements, divers have the inspiration from amazing marine life on this spot. Long Caye Wall is a medium immersion dive from the colorful wall that starts on 6 metres and falls down to the 25 meters. Divers can found here plurality of minor seaslugs, tunicates, large groupers and jacks. Majestic Alley provide a petty dives from 8 to 15 meters with picteresque view of elkhorn and staghorn types of corals and lots of other inhabitians such as tropical reef fishes. Oasis is a deep dive site with maximum immersion in 35 meters. At this site visitiors can view growing from vertical rock cliff plurality of sponges and large black corals that is sprawling up to sandy coral path community. Calabash Cut is a medium dive site from 12 meters to the max immersion depth in 25 meters. Divers can observe here spectacular tube and barrel sponges, encrusting sponges and brightly colored ropes at the site area.

Blackbird Caye Resort provides 18 private oceanfront bungalows with modern accommodations that include balconies and hammocks on it. The resort offers nine hard roofed bungalows, four fascinating thatched housetop in mahogany cottages, duplex and a triplex cabanas that perfect for families. The interior design are comfortable with electricity, ceiling fans, air-conditioning, private bath and hot water facilities. The infrastructure of the island include three generators, telephone, fax, satellite TV in the lounge bar and free Wi-Fi on the hotel area.

How to get Blackbird Caye Resort

Blackbird Caye Resort disposed on the Turneffe island, Belize. This incredible underwater paradise is easily available from the Belize City International Airport and at the next step you can try transfers to the isle hotel by boat in 1,30 hour trip.