All inclusive scuba diving resorts

All inclusive scuba diving resorts

All inclusive scuba diving resorts is a great chance for experienced and junior divers to explore stunning dive sites and fantastic underwater world, while living in a nice hotel surrounded by beautiful tropical landscapes. There are a lot of scuba diving resorts certified by PADI, where you can upgrade your diving skills by going in ocean depths or just relax and enjoy your diving holidays. If you cannot choose the destination, here is a review of few resorts with different all inclusive systems. They are all spreaded all around the map: Bahamas, Canaries, Dominican Republic, Cancun, Jamaica, Cozumel and Belize such as Blackbird Caye Resort. All you need to do is to choose one, which suits your diving needs.

Dive Paradise, Cozumel

Dive Paradise is an all inclusive scuba diving resort in Cozumel. It is your perfect destination, if you want to relax and have fun enjoying colorful fishes, corals and reefs of Caribbean Sea. This resort provides various diving trips with diver packages.

There are six hotels, where you can book a 5 days diver package with 3 dive days/2 dive afternoons or 7 days package with 5 dive days/ 4 afternoons. All the packages include a free welcome thank on arrival. Morning “Caribbean” dive trips cost additional $10 and include food, drinks, all the equipment and professional Divemaster. Those are double tank trips, while afternoon diving is one-tank, but you can add another one for $30. Blackout days and vouchers using is available. 25% deposit is required and all the cancellations should be made 21 days in advance in pick season and a week before during the low season.

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina, Bahamas

Bimini is all inclusive diving resort and certified PADI dive center. This resort is a dream for professional diver willing to upgrade his skills or to explore gorgeous deep dive sites with a professional PADI instructor. With Bimini, you can go over your limits and test yourself going thru wrecks or exploring reefs on big depths.

Dive packages start from 2 nights, prices depend on dates and room type. Every all inclusive package includes daily two-tank dive (except arriving and departure days), all the equipment, accommodation, meals and taxes. There are many facilities at the resort, so you will have not only diving skills upgrade and training but a nice relaxing holiday as well. Extra nights without diving are also available.

Divetech Ltd, Cayman Islands

Divetech all inclusive diving resort offers both technical and recreational diving, so you can have a really strong training with exceeding your limits and handling a lot of equipment or just exploring beautiful dive sites without going too deep. Divetech also provides certified trimix training, so you can achieve a new level and experience.

Divetech Ltd provides two accommodations with nice dive package, which includes 2-tanks dives every day with unlimited shore dives. All the equipment is included. Therefore, if you are seeking for a perfect combination of tech diving and beautiful underwater landscapes, Divetech is your destination. You will explore the Guardian of the Reef, amazing flora and fauna of Cayman Islands, brake your limits and get an unforgettable diving experience.

Pro Dive International, Dominican Republic

Are you seeking for crystal clear water and gorgeous dive sites that every diver dreams of? Welcome to Pro Dive International all inclusive diving resort in Dominican Republic. Here you can enjoy an adventurous wreck diving and have a full training with certified PADI instructor. You can find all the professional diving equipment there, even the Nitrox-Unique. No matter which kind of diving you perform and what equipment use, at Pro Dive International you can become a master in everything.

The resort provides a VIP service. You get scuba trips with personal instructor, which speaks your language, excursions and safaris. The dive packages differ by tanks (one-tank or two-tanks dives) and equipment and there are also separate deals for dive trips or courses. If you wish to master your skills and see some amazing dive sites, Pro Dive International is for you.

There are a lot of all inclusive diving resorts in many destinations all around the world: Allegro Cozumel, Anthony’s Key Resort, Barefoot Cay Resort, Bay Adventures Inc., Belmar Oceanfront Apartments, Blue Island Divers, Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn, Buddy Dive Dominica, Buddy Dive Resort, Caradonna Dive Adventures, Caribbean Club Bonaire, Cayman Brac Beach Resort, Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman Resort, Deep Blue Resort, Dive Oahu, Dive Provo, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino, Don Foster’s Dive Cayman Ltd, Fort Lauderdale, Fun Baja, Horizon Divers, Isla Cozumel, Jack’s Diving Locker, Laguna Beach Resort, Little Cayman Beach Resort and much more!

last updated Oct 8, 2016