Blue Hole of Belize becomes winner in a category «Best Deep Holes in the World»

Blue Hole of Belize becomes winner in a category «Best Deep Holes in the World»

This approval helps to increase tourism in Caribbean country, which is leading region among marine dive resorts. Belize can boast of its recreational sands, amazing beaches and rainforests. High season for water lovers, including families, fans of fishing and suntan is a period from the end of autumn to the end of spring. There are many tourists from USA, Canada and Europe who’ve bought property in Caribbean country for the purpose of taking pleasure from summer holiday in a winter season.

The Blue Hole is in great favor among those who crave for feeling a unimaginable experience of scuba diving or just luxuriate in the warm waters of astonishing Barrier Reef in Belize.

Conde Nast affirms: «At 43 miles from the Belize Barrier Reef in The Great Blue Hole is this funnel, which experts consider the largest of its kind. It is important to recall that the Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many divers want to witness the geological formation, which is now based upon the depths of the ocean. Jacques Cousteau was an explorer who discovered this unbelievable spot in 1971. Blue Hole is over 300 meters wide and more than 125 meters deep. It is hard imagine the best place for scuba diving because of its glaring coral beauty, which extremely stands out against a background of dark waters».

Without a doubt, Blue Hole is one of those places that simply must visit the diver for his life. But there are many others for whom this spot is an adventure dream. Up-tempo purchases of Belize’s are an explicit example of stabilizing the world economy.

All aforesaid prove that Blue Hole is one of the best place for visiting in Central America in winter period. Tourists can be boldly inspired by the Lamanii archeological digs of Maya civilization’s temples and inconceivable beaches of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Well-found resorts and amicable citizens fill mind with pleasant impressions and make your rest as unforgettable one. The Blue Hole is a portal to exotic culture and tropical ambient, which gives you a possibility to find a new home in Caribbean Country.

last updated Dec 3, 2014