Diving Mexico

Diving Mexico

Scuba diving in Mexico, Riviera Maya, which operates Pro Dive Mexico, we can be divided into several specific areas. The first is worth mentioning Cozumel. This is a National Marine Park. It is one of the best place for scuba diving. Here you encounter turtles, crabs, lobsters, colorful schools of fish. Dives are carried out both day and night with two cylinders. All significant places, of which more than 30 are located 15 minutes by boat.

A Playa del Carmen notable addition of colorful coral and fish more interesting and Mama Vina - sunken ship and complex underwater caves Cenotes.

Mama Vina - this is a fishing boat which is specially flooded in 1995 and now is a very popular places. Almost unscathed is this ship at a depth of 20-30 meters. However, immersion is intended only for experienced divers in mind the strong currents at this point.

Among the options dive excursions worth special mention Cenotes cavern dive. At the Riviera Maya is the largest cave system with fresh water length of 129 km. After a detailed briefing you dive with two tanks and accompanied by an instructor with the appropriate level of training. Enjoy a separate underwater world, which was formed thousands of years quite apart from people. A truly unforgettable experience. The cost of the tour is $ 269.

Pro Dive Mexico customers will be offered a variety of options in addition to diving holiday. This snorkeling, safaris and excursions to Maya abandoned places.

Snorkeling is organized to turtle habitats. First you arrive to breeding turtles on a coral reef by the Riviera Maya, and then will have a picnic on the beach and snorkeling the next hold in Mayan Cenote, where the ruins of the Mayan in a frame of jungle which suitable to the sea.

Very popular is the diving with whale sharks. Starting from mid-May to early September, and they swim to the shores of the Yucatan feeding. The largest of these existing fish can reach a length of 15 meters and a weight of 20 tons. The boat will hold about 4 hours in the open sea off the northern tip of the Yucatan. At this time you will dive with experienced instructors. This tour will not leave anyone indifferent. It costs $ 188.

Starting from the end of December and to the end of March you can take part in a safari on sailfish. On the boat you will go to the island of Contoy near you and dive. You will observe an incredibly exciting hunting scene on the sailfish sardines. After the safari offers a light lunch and soft drinks. The tour costs $ 197.

Pro Dive Mexico has many dive centers around the Riviera Maya. Each of the 9 dive centers has 5 * PADI, as well as the Green Star Award and National Geographic Award. Each center staff is fluent in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. All are located on the base of hotels, which will be discussed further. Diving center is very convenient: 5-10 minutes by boat has arranged dive sites. Also available almost everywhere dive from the shore. Nitrox is free for certified divers. Age of the equipment standard of about 1-2 years. What is particularly important: you have to leave the child in the care of at the time of diving. In diving centers accept cash USD, EURO, CAN $, Mexican pesos, BP. Credit cards are accepted Visa, MasterCard, but do not take Amex. At the disposal of Pro Dive Mexico have 10 boats that are fully equipped for diving. 5 of them are located in Cozumel (2 boats take 20 divers, 2 boat takes 18 divers and another takes 14 divers), and 5 more are located on the Riviera Maya (2 boat takes 16 divers, 1 boat takes 14 divers, 1 - 12 divers and more 1 of 2 divers).

About the legendary city of Chichen Itza Mayan heard everything. A Pro Dive Mexico is not only heard, but also organize trips there. During the trip you will see the most important and beautiful monuments of the ancient Mayan civilization, the highlight of which is the 90-foot pyramid. Also you will visit one of the oldest cities in Mexico Valladolid and dined at the mansion of the 18th century. The tour costs $ 109.

Another excursion is a trip to the Mayan ruins at Tulum. Ruins are less than half an hour from Puerto Aventuras and located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. So you can not only enjoy the creations of a great civilization, but also to do snorkeling. The cost of the tour is also $ 109.

Dive Centre Pro Dive Mexico you can also pass scuba diving courses. Here and introductory courses for children from 8 years old, and then open water course for beginners and for more experienced divers and diving courses in the cave.

To accommodate guests Pro Dive Mexico can offer a choice of 12 hotels 4 and 5 . Everyone will find the hotel on your own. If you prefer a relaxed, secluded romantic getaway - you is perfect Allegro Cozumel resort. For the more active youth and recreation, active nightlife nice way Occidental Grand Cozumel. And if you prefer a luxurious and refined vacation - take a look at Royal Hideaway Playacar.Vse hotels are less than a hour to the airport.

Economy class airfare from Miami to Cozumel is $ 440, Cancun - $ 303. From Paris to Cozumel - 1334 euros, Cancun - 774 euros.

last updated Jan 30, 2015