PADI TecRec center in New York – Adventure Scuba

PADI TecRec center in New York – Adventure Scuba

Adventure Scuba is a foremost diving and travel center, which offers advanced methods of dive training and selling of required equipment. It has been instated as first certified PADI TecRec training enterprise in New York. The main tendency in TecRec program’s work is teaching the technicality of dive methods, those are applied at great depths and for professional scuba diving. TecRec program’s qualification allows realize all complex of PADI technical dive courses, inclusive of Tec40, Tec45 and Tec50 courses, which are destined for helping divers raisetheir diving qualification from low-end to more high-end level.

PADI determines standard specifications that are intended to guarantee the proper qualification of coaches for permissible and efficient teaching. Foregoing program is based on “tec” dive style that teaches divers to submerge up to 50 meters and to solve incipient problems with pressure reduction.

Predominantly courses are general not specialized and destined to acquaint amateur scuba divers with aspects and fundamental needs of scuba diving technicality. Residuary courses are concentrated on refinement of dive rebreathes’ usage and other equipment.

Apart from aforesaid innovative TecRec courses offered by Professional Association of Diving Instructors, Adventure Scuba has a wide variety of dive courses that give the best fit both for beginners and experienced divers. Our apprentices can easily get selected course themselves in Manhattan. It makes them more advanced for their dive trips, which are limited in time.

Adventure Scuba is a leading and popular place in New York City because of offered diving tools and vacation packages. The address of the chain-store is 1737 York Avenue, between 90th and 91st Streets. It has a wide range of diving suits, masks and other tools for dive or snorkeling activity. Adventure Scuba also occupies with carefully orchestrated dive tourism to a multifarious exciting places. For instance, journeys to the Dutch Springs quarry (Pennsylvania) permit our apprentices of getting the qualification level as at open water and improve their dive attainments.

More detailed information about newest PADI TecRec courses in Adventure Scuba, common offerings and other diving and tourism opportunities, you can find at the official website of Adventure Scuba.

last updated Nov 24, 2014