Incredible amount of $ 14 000 for sharks and rays was raised by three dive centers

Incredible amount of $ 14 000 for sharks and rays was raised by three dive centers

Yearly Project AWARE’s Bali Funathon 2014 joined together people, interested in resolving today’s problems of the marine environment, in particular - sharks and rays. Only three regional centers of diving took part in this special event. They are - Crystal Divers, Joe’s Gone Diving and Blue Season Bali. Conservationists and divers readily joined their forces for fundraising and increasing the level of awareness about the shark conservation. This event is a successful way to draw public attention not just on preservation of sharks in the Bali diving community area, but the world over.

Such an awareness-raising campaign focuses on shark and ray general conservation with particular emphasis on places where they are more defenseless. Exactly this was an important priority in establishing the Bali Funathon event by the Giving Project AWARE. Bali Funathon 2014 comprised of a Funathon family-style party with a barbecue, FINtastic flea market, lotteries, games, and a three-month water volleyball match! This series of events was a coordinated collaboration between divers and dive centers.

The flea market was about prevention the escalation tendency of overconsumption, that’s why people put on sale used and second-hand articles, such as books, DVD's, old clothes and jewelry. Over three month there were regular matches of the water volley-ball. Divers joined in the thrilling entertainment which created a setting of professional cooperation in order to raise awareness of marine prevention, especially against the rays and sharks. A stunning record of $14 000 was raised for Giving Project AWARE by divers and centers of diving during the Bali Funathon event. Income from the fundraising is scheduled for usage in three main directions: to terminate fining, to stimulate complete protection of endangered sharks, and to facilitate the realization of more effective policies for ray and shark conservation.

Without the inspiring diving Sanur Bali community the Funathon wouldn’t have become such a great successful event. Thanks to the vigorous efforts of divers, sponsors and conservationists Giving Project AWARE has successfully carried out for the second year in Bali. In its personal special manner, the Funathon event will kindle an advance against the protection of sharks and manta rays well as the fullness of marine live in the area. It also raises issues about the consequences of overconsumption, an implicit disease that destroys our planet.

last updated Nov 13, 2014