Is Bermuda Island a perfect place for vacation gateway?

Is Bermuda Island a perfect place for vacation gateway?

New Bermuda Tourism Authority introduces innovation methods of tourist’s attraction. Beaches with pink sands and waters with impressive turquoise color are successfully promoting in the Internet for means of showing people the beauty of this place.

During many years, Bermuda Island was a place for peaceful and astonishing vacation for many citizens of USA, Canada and United Kingdom, but tragic events of September 11th 2001 and world economic crisis in 2008 have made this paradise unattractive in the way of tourism. Bill Hanbury and new Bermuda Tourism Authority press towards changing the common situation.

In his twosome interview, Bill Hanbury confided many problems those have to be solved for returning the bygone wide popularity of Bermuda tourism. Advantages that may help to overcome such decline period are amazing pink sandy beaches, nearness to eastern cities and a high level of citizens’ amicability and hospitality. In connection of Bermuda’s strategic dislocation there were many events of shipwreck, fortification constructions, incursions of corsairs and pirates, so it’s has become a desired spot for scuba diving, snorkeling and deep fishing.

But in spite of the fabulous attractions that already exist, the question of returning target unique geographic which have been lost, is still open. Bill Hanbury says that the main share of the market is situated in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. These countries have over 90 percent of Bermuda’s tourists. The foreground tendency in BTA’s work is unification these dynamic share of markets. Bermuda Island has to be returned into «relevant list» of potential tourists.

During the interview, Bill Hanbury gives an estimate about the strategy of Bermuda Tourism Authority for rebirth Bermuda resort as an elite vacation gateway, about the creation of a leading tourism spot and how Bermuda’s waters and beaches will help in the providing of a new plan. Bermuda is also a perfect vacation resort for newly-married, weekenders and anyone else who dreams about peaceful rest without four-hours travelling on a plane.

last updated Dec 3, 2014