Maldives Island Ellaidhoo

Maldives Island Ellaidhoo

Scuba diving in Maldives island Ellaidhoo. Visibility from January to April is up to 30-35 meters. The air temperature ranges from 27-30 °C, the water temperature about 26-27 °C. At this time, you may also encounter the whale sharks and giant rays here attracted by plankton.

The first thing worth noting safety rules for scuba diving in Maldives. In view of the shortage on the Maldives complex medical equipment and remote islands, safety in diving here is pretty strict. Dive to a depth of ascent which requires decompression is prohibited. Permissible immersion depth is typically less than 30 meters (depending on the location). Necessarily the presence of buoyancy compensators.

Getting to the island Ellaidhoo as follows. First international flight to the Maldives capital Male. The plane is flying from Paris to 13.5 hours from Sydney - 15 hours. And from Male at seaplane for 25 minutes or by speed boat for 1.5 hours you reach Ellaidhoo.

Start to talk about the dive sites of course need to Ellaidhoo house reef. It encircles the entire island and considered top reef in the Maldives. Corals are mostly black, gorgonians, sea fans. Pisces are a great many, including moray eels, reef fish, stingrays, eagle rays, white reef sharks. Among the features of the house reef should be allocated places strong currents. However, there are just 7 different approaches and even beginners will feel quite comfortable.

Another place that we recommend to you is the Fish Head. It is located a 25 minutes boat ride south of Ellaidhoo. The variety of the underwater world is incredible. Here you will see schools of fusiliers, giant travellys and napoleons. Fish literally be swimming in your hands. Also, you may encounter white, gray and oceanic white tip sharks. There is also home to 4 turtles. The course here is strong, but it is usually quite comfortable conditions of immersion.

In 10 minutes west of Ellaidhoo is a place Giri-East. The place is notable firstly its so close to the resort. Secondly it is very weak currents and newcomers here are great to feel yourself. Under the water you'll see gorgorian fans and black coral bushes. Immersion depth up to 23 meters.

Halaveli wreck situated in a 35 minutes by boat to the north-west of Ellaidhoo. This 39-meter vessel specially flooded in 1991. At this point, you encounter moray eels, shoals of mackerel and other inhabitants of the ocean. The fact that the flooding has been specially organized dive here is totally safe and you get a lot of positive emotions and experience in diving here.

The price of one dive is $ 50, no limit for 6 days - $ 520.

Hotel Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo offers spa facilities, gym, pool, tennis, canoeing. The main restaurant is serves international cuisine. The poolside restaurant will please you with dishes of sea food. The rooms have a bathroom amenities, mini-bar, satellite TV and air conditioning. Most of the rooms have ocean views. Superior double room costs $ 280 per night, a bungalow on the beach - $ 349 per night.

last updated May 12, 2015