Professor of Indiana reveals the secrets of Columbus
Professor of Indiana reveals the secrets of Columbus

Professor of Indiana reveals the secrets of Columbus

However, not everyone knows about the subsequent expeditions of Columbus. During the second trip, which occurred three years later, a storm broke out and part of the ships sank near the coast of modern Dominican Republic.

Now professor at Indiana University Charles Beeker expects to start the expedition to lift these ships, lying at a depth of about 25-30 feet. Charles Beeker is a truly unique man, a living example of how a talented scientist is able to bring to interest a significant mass of people in the research project.

Now, under his leadership, in the Children's Museum in the Centre of underwater archaeology there is an exhibition of finds from the sunken ship of captain Kidd.

Beeker was already interested in underwater archaeology when he was 11 when he started to dive at the sunk ships locations. However, many areas have already been looted by treasure hunters. And then Beeker decided to dedicate his life to protection of underwater objects, "underwater parks", as he calls them.

One of his projects and is the site of the shipwreck of the captain's Kidd ship. The study of the remnants of the ship found off the coast of Catalina island in the Dominican Republic confirms the identity of the captain's Kidd ship.

When last year, in may, explorer Barry Clifford announced the discovery of a sunk ship off the coast of Haiti, Beeker has made the assumption that the ship belonged to Christopher Columbus.

Recently, Beeker received the resolution for 4 years of the study of the sunken ship from the government of the Dominican Republic. It is located under a layer of silt that allows to rely on the good preservation of the ship.

However, the most difficult part of the plan is funding. The project is estimated at approximately $2.2 million. However, Beeker has no doubt in success.

last updated Oct 31, 2014