Puerto galera, PhilippinesPuerto galera, PhilippinesPuerto galera, PhilippinesPuerto galera, Philippines
Puerto galera, Philippines

Puerto galera, Philippines

Dive sites that provides immersion Marco Vincent Dive Resort, can be divided into three territorial groups. Puerto Galera, Anilao and Verde Island.

Puerto Galera unites 45 dive sites where you encounter lionfish, oriental sweetlips, cardinal fish, trevally, barracudas, red bass, drummers and many other representatives of the underwater world. You may also see octopus, reef sharks and turtles.

Among the main dive sites Puerto Galera worth mentioning Hole in the Wall. It is great for novice divers, but the more experienced there will not be bored. Depths here range from 7 to 18 meters. Corals are formed very real, albeit small, of the mountain. Here you encounter oriental sweetlips, frogfish, snapper, coral groupers. There is a very beautiful nightlife to.

More experienced divers will certainly be interested La Canyons. Maximum depth of 24 meters here. At the same time here is pretty strong currents. Incredible Beauty La Canyons may well compete with the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. All kinds of corals, an incredible variety of fish - all this awaits you in this place. Moray eels, angelfish, schools of pinjalo and humpback snapper and and many others.

Sinandigan Wall undoubtedly interest each guest Marco Vincent Dive Resort. This vertical wall descends to a depth of 30 meters. Powerful boulders interspersed with soft corals. It's best to dive during high tide.

District Verde Island area with one of the wide variety of the underwater world. Main dive site just two, but they're so ambitious, rich and interesting that you probably will be satisfied.

The right side is a steep rock. There are amount is underwater creatures such as Blue Trigger fish, Sardines, huge sea fans and many others. The concentration of living beings are so enormous that dive insturktora even joke about the rain of fish while diving.

The left side shows less steep, but with a fairly strong current. They are so powerful that the dive guides even call this place a washing machine. However, with sufficient experience, it would not be a serious obstacle in immersion. Typical inhabitants of this part of the Verde Island are Large Trevally and Sea Bass.

Anilao, without exaggeration, one of the major dive area in the Philippines. Durind the year the temperature is kept at 26-28 * C. Visibility is up to 25 meters.

Sombrero Island is perfect for lovers drift dive. This place is a sandy beach at low tide exposes the 30 meter wall of coral.

Experienced divers certainly interested place called Mapating or Shark Cave. Here is pretty strong currents, sharp cliffs to a depth of 20 meters. Wherein the incredible beauty and diversity of marine life. Most likely you encounter shark and pelagic fish.

One of the highlights Marco Vincent Dive Resort is a wreck dive-sites, located quite nearby. In total there are 4 places where the depth is 20-30 meters. We recommend that all means dive in at least one of them, for example, Alma Jane freighter. Not only do you get a lot of pleasure, but also can improve the experience.

It is also possible to combine several dive sites due to a premeditated routes dive safari. They are designed for 8 or 10 days. At this time you will spend time on a comfortable boat and take a lot of dives. The boat takes up to 28 divers and has a top speed of 18 knots. It is equipped with 2 showers, 4 toilets and WiFi internet.

As for the other attractions, the resort organizes kayaking, paintball, ride on the cards, and more.

The resort housed a swimming pool, bar and two restaurants. One of them, El Patio, located right by the pool. Here you can enjoy both traditional Filipino cuisine and dishes of American and European cuisine. Marivelles Restaurant a perfect for an elegant dinner or a party.

Accommodation in Marco Vincent Dive Resort is made in non-level Family, Deluxe, Premiere, Queen and King. All rooms are air cable TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, spacious bathroom and WiFi.

Reach Marco Vincent Dive Resort as follows. Economy class return ticket from Paris to Manila worth 720 euros, from Los Angeles - $ 1,170. Due to the proximity of the resort to Manila, the road takes relatively little time. About 1 hour take expensive sea and about 2 hours on the ground.

last updated Feb 15, 2015