Redang Island

Redang Island

Redang Island is located in the South China Sea, 45 km from the city of Kuala Terengganu on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, Malaysia. You can get there as follows. Flight to Kuala Lumpur from Frankfurt takes 12 hours, from Sydney 8.5 hours. This is followed by domestic flight to Kuala Terengganu - it lasts 55 minutes and costs $ 51. And from there by ferry or boat 1 hour prior to Redang Island.

Since 1985, the territorial waters around Redang for 7 nautical miles declared marine park. Some of the most interesting local dive sites - a "Big Mountain", the island of Lima and "Mini-Mount".

Big Mountain is a seamount in an oval shape and is located 50 meters north of the tip of Lima. Depth: 20-30 m. Here are doing amazing macro photography and can meet the huge whale sharks. In soft corals are whole colonies of sea anemones, shelters fish-clowns, sea cucumbers, starfish, moray eels, wrasse, fish protein, stone fish, groupers, parrot fish and big fish: tuna, barracuda, Fusiliers and black fin sharks. At a depth of 30 m there is a garden of corals flexible, flowing from the current and studded starfish. For boulders hidden in the sand large stingray.

Island Pulau Lima is an excellent dive sites. It is located to the east of Redang. The only beach with sand and coral is on the west coast and will suit lovers of snorkeling. The terrain is a steep slope with boulders, leaving a depth of about 30 m. At a depth of 18 meters many colonies of soft corals and fish: wrasses, fish beauty, parrot fish, blue fish. Near swim blacknose reef sharks. Over the sandy bottom boulders is inhabited morays, stingrays.

Mini Mount is a popular reef 100 meters to the east of the island Kerengga-Besar. On the sandy bottom scattered granite boulders covered with different kinds of soft and tube corals, sponges and hydroids. The deepest point - 20 m. In addition, a Mini-Mountain - a popular place for night dives. Sea World: cowries, sea spiders and colorful marine worms. Coral garden inhabited by fish and fish-babe-butterflies, blue fish, wrasse, parrot fish and sea ruffs. Interesting rocky area where the canyons and crevices harboring groupers, moray eels and lobsters.

The island has a different placement options and everyone will find a hotel or villa according to your liking. If you wish to combine diving with incredible luxury and privacy, the best option for you is The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. The rooms are classically decorated and furnished balcony, air conditioning, mini-bar and coffee and tea / coffee. The hotel provides fitness and spa. On site you will find a swimming pool and 4 restaurant serving both local and international cuisine. A double room costs from $ 160 per night. One Dive Package cost $ 45.

If you prefer a more active youth and leisure, you will certainly be interested Laguna Redang Island Resort. This Resort also offers comfortable accommodation in rooms with natural materials, air conditioning, TV and safe. In addition to international cuisine, you can also enjoy a barbecue. In addition to diving, you can also do fishing, hiking, snorkeling. Dive Package for 3 nights 2 days in a double room cost $ 200.

If you prefer a more democratic rest, with the ability to combine diving and mountain, we encourage you to hotel Redang De 'Rimba. It occupies a chalet on the hillside. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, WiFi and a private bathroom. You can play billiards, darts, enjoy hiking and, of course, diving and fishing. Standard double room costs $ 50.

So we talked about Redang Island, diving in the area of the island, housing options, and additional entertainment. We hope our story interested you and you visit this island.

last updated Feb 23, 2015