Scuba diving in Mexico

Scuba diving in Mexico

There is a popular belief that only experienced divers can dive in Mexico. You can be sure that this is just a stereotype. Even beginners can absolutely safe dive here.

Mexico is notable for a significant number of marine species live exclusively off the coast of Mexico. At divers have the opportunity to swim here with dolphins and eels, sea turtles and lobsters, fish, puffer fish and parrots. Home for all of these fish are coral reefs. A significant variety of essential lights up your scuba diving in Mexico.

As already noted, even beginners in diving will absolutely feel confident. To do this, rather dive with professional divers. At any resort you easily find diving centers. Diving is a fairly popular sport in Mexico, so we advise you to book seats.

Now we would like to tell you about a few special places for diving in Mexico. The first thing worth mentioning about the Riviera Maya and Cancun, located on the Yucatan Peninsula (from Cancun and further to the south). Now the resort is one of the most popular destinations in the western Caribbean Sea. Here you can and go diving and go on excursions, and just lie on the beach and go shopping. There are great places for beginners and professionals alike. In particular, it is worth mentioning Lightbeam underwater caves. If you prefer a more relaxing holiday, in Cancun, you can immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of coral reefs. So, in the Yucatan and you can find an active nightlife, and exciting diving, and just a wonderful beach vacation.

If you prefer a quiet holiday, we recommend that you take a trip to Punta Nizus. Due to the conservation area, an average depth of 10 meters and the clear water is ideal for beginners. Here you can meet groupers, lobsters and other representatives of the underwater world. Also in Punta Nizus you can args underwater gallery Subacuático De Arte - believe me, it is worth seeing.

If you are not a beginner and love extreme, we advise you to visit the Cenotes. In consequence of the collapse of the vaults of limestone caves formed quite deep crater filled with fresh water. They are called Cenotes. Here are the complex system of underwater caves and underground tunnels that can please you with turquoise water and stalactites and stalagmites, which hundreds of thousands of years.

Pared Verde is known for its reef. Imagine a coral wall height of 40 meters with the incredible variety of sponges, corals and invertebrates.

If you prefer to combine diving with an active nightlife recommend you to visit Playa del Carmen - quite a western town with an active club life. Dive sites are located here near the beach, with excellent visibility. Campaign by immersing you can make barracuda, lobsters, turtles and stingrays.

So you can be sure that Mexico is a great place for diving and is suitable not only for professionals but also for beginners. Hopefully, these tips on holiday in the country and the choice of resorts will help you in planning vacations and diving directly in Mexico.

last updated Dec 17, 2014