Scuba diving in Raja Ampat

Scuba diving in Raja Ampat

Get to the Raja Ampat as follows. At first flight to the capital, Jakarta (travel time from Sydney - 7.5 hours, from Frankfurt - 15 hours). Domestic flight to Sarong lasts 5.5 hours and costs about $ 309 one way. And from there by ferry to Raja Ampat $ 10 economy class or $ 20 - VIP.

Begins the story about diving and the underwater world Raja Ampat should first bring simple figures: here is located 76% of the species of hard corals, only about 500, and 1,500 species of fish. Almost all year round water temperature is kept at 25-29 * C, including night. This should take advantage and enjoy the rich colors of the underwater life and make beautiful pictures. Since this is a reserved area with all the tourists charged tax equal to $ 40.

Dive sites is the first and foremost, stay at Mikes Point. This is one of the popular dive sites and it is notable primarily its interesting landscape. Immersion depth here varies from 10 to 40 meters. The place is remarkable primarily for its coral gardens and pigmy sea horses and turtles. Because of the strong currents place is quite suitable for experienced divers.

Also worth mentioning Friwen Bonda. It is also called Pink Reef due to the large amount of pink coral. You are sure to make here a great many wonderful underwater photos. Among the inhabitants of the underwater life should highlight Pygmy Seahorses. Depth is up to 30 meters.

Another interesting place is the Blue Magic. Name is consistent content. Incredible blue water and a huge variety of fish - that's what you'll find here. Schools of fish, for example barracudas. And sharks and manta rays. Immersion depth is up to 40 meters, although usually dives occur at a depth of 17 to 25 meters. In this case, this place is also suitable for more experienced divers.

On the Raja Ampat are a variety of accommodation options. Toko Surya Raja Ampat Guesthouse is an inexpensive comfortable hotel, and even more so the guest house. Some of the rooms are equipped by beds, a shower and a fan, and cost $ 20, some additionally equipped with air conditioning and cable TV, and cost $ 35. Here you can rent a USB modem to the Internet and rent motorbikes for only $ 10 a day, making it easy and fun to explore the island. The hotel also provides a shuttle service from the port.

At the next island to the Raja Ampat Waigiou located hotel Waiwo Dive Resort. The obvious advantages of this resort should include on-site diving center, comfortable rooms and a shuttle service from the Port of Vaasa. Each guest room is equipped by seating, air conditioning, shower, terrace and a mosquito net. The resort you can enjoy a massage, go snorkelling, fishing. Mainly Indonesian cuisine. The room rate is $ 110, bungalow - $ 130.

last updated Mar 21, 2015