Sorsogon, province Bicol Region, Philippines

Sorsogon, province Bicol Region, Philippines

Sorsogon is one of the provinces in the Philippines, which is included in the Bicol Region. It is located on the southern part of the island of Luzon. Sorsogon borders Albay province on the north and Samar province through the Strait of San Bernardino on the southeast. Relief is diverse in the province, in the northeast, southeast and west it is mountainous. Cities are mostly located on the coast, on the plains. Sorsogon is almost completely surrounded by water, except Albay province.

You can get in Sorsogon as follows. All international flights to Sorsogon lead to Manila, where you can transfer to the local bus service. From London, the plane flies about 40 hours (with transfers in Amsterdam and Taipei), from New York, about 37 hours (with transfer in Vancouver and Hong Kong), from Moscow - 20 hours (transfer in Wuhan and Guangzhou). In Manila, you can take the bus and go directly to Sorsogon. Until it can be reached within 12 hours to your hotel and pay for it about 18 dollars. Also you can fly from Manila to Legazpi within an hour and transfer to Donsol by bus.

Sorsogon can be visited for almost a whole year, the temperature throughout the year ranging from 28 to 33 degrees Celsius. The climate in Sorsogon closer to the tropical. In Sorsogon during the year falls a significant amount of rainfall. Even during the dry months of high precipitation. The average annual temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. The driest month is May, and the rainiest is December. The hottest months are from April to June, at which the temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and above. The best time for visiting dive sites in Sorsogon is from December to April. The wind changes direction from June to September and it opens unavailable in other seasons diving sites. Also at this time the wind calmer and quieter. From February to May in Sorsogon there is a large influx of tourists, so it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Speaking of one of the most famous dive sites in the Philippines, Sorsogon, we will talk about the most famous – Donsol. It is a favorite place for divers to observe the sharks. If you are lucky, there can be seen between 5 and 15 sharks per day. . In Sorsogon, typical whale shark size is 4-15 meters. The weight of whale sharks is up to 40 tons. Donsol is also called the world capital of sharks! You can meet the sharks from October to November and ending of May. The whole process of immersion takes from one to four hours. Visibility in the water depends on tide on Donsol and varies from 8 to 25 meters. Rent a boat, and rent a set for diving (snorkel, fins and mask) will manage two of about 100 dollars.

In Donsol underwater world is quite diverse: you can meet there a flock of colorful fish, fox sharks, big stingrays, rich macro world. Immersion depth is up to 20 meters.

Authorities and WWF don’t allow using scuba communicating with whale sharks, so divers have to leave gear and join the usual waterfowl. In any case, sharks can be seen even from a boat. This new regional program to protect sharks aimed at preserving this unique and endangered species and is carried out in consultation with the Council of Tourism and local fishermen.

It is allowed only snorkeling, no outbreaks of devices for underwater photography and underwater lamps for lighting, no sudden movements, it is not allowed to ride on the backs of sharks, maximum number of people in the boat must not exceed 6 persons.

Specially trained guides with the rank «butanding interaction officers» hunt down sharks and instruct tourists. The basic rules are simple: do not interfere with the animal to swim, do not approach closer than 3 meters to its body, and 4 meters to its tail: these startling creations are harmless to humans and feed on plankton and krill.

In Sorsogon there are several hotels to stay. Best of them are Villa Isabella, Fernandos Hotel and Ingko Hotel Gabao. Advance booking is highly recommended, as local regulations allow only a certain number of boats and snorkeling.

Villa Isabella has swimming pool, garden, Jacuzzi, child pool, conference center, etc. The penthouse has terrace, conditioning, satellite TV and Wi-Fi. The cost of the penthouse is $100 per day.

Fernandos Hotel offers restaurant, satellite TV, tour desk, massage, beauty salon, conference hall. The standard room has shower, TV and conditioning. Room rate is $19 per night.

Ingko Hotel Gabao has restaurant, conditioning, laundry service and satellite TV. The standard room has free drink water, conditioning, satellite TV, shower and table. Its cost per day is $28.

last updated Jan 6, 2016