State nature guard agencies will discuss measures of the protection of marine areas in the Mergui

State nature guard agencies will discuss measures of the protection of marine areas in the Mergui

Anthropogenic factors cause significant damage to the marine environment. A number of important decisions regarding the establishment of marine protected areas in the southern coast of Burma was achieved.

So, within two days of the conference the representatives of the government and FFI discussed the prospects for new research, identified key areas of the protection of marine environment, discussed the biodiversity value of the Myeik archipelago, found threats faced by the region ecosystems.

Myeik archipelago consists of more than 800 Islands. White sand, coral reefs and a multitude of marine life. According to FFI there are almost 300 species of corals and more than 350 species of fish. Especially outstanding are crustaceans, sponges, echinoderms and molluscs.

Due to overfishing and global warming nature of Myeik is in serious danger.

Director of FFI on Burma Frank Momberg said that, despite the reduction in funding, there has been considerable progress. Through the creation of protected marine areas off the coast of Burma protection of coral reefs, mangroves, fish species better. It also helps to improve the lives of coastal fishing villages.

The meeting was attended by such prominent figures as the Minister of livestock, fisheries and agriculture, Ministry of environment and forestry, representatives of local NGOs.

During the workshop it was agreed to start works on creation of protected areas, which would include identifying technological solutions for the conservation and fisheries, the identification of resources of the archipelago, and so on.

Direct representatives of the reservoir have also claimed that they also intend to develop uninhabited Islands as tourist centers. Total investment is estimated at approximately $50 million.

last updated Nov 17, 2014