KwaZulu Natal scuba divingKwaZulu Natal scuba diving
KwaZulu Natal scuba diving

KwaZulu Natal scuba diving

KwaZulu Natal scuba diving is wild. The life of east coast’s marine is vigorous and multifarious. The perfect visibility and slow current plainly allow you to see school of sharks, eels, fishes with an exotic coloration and marine turtles.

There are many dive places in this region, but two of them are considered as basic dive spots. They are: Sodwana Bay and Aliwal Shoal, and have at one’s disposal diving sites for each extent of diving practice. There are situated various resorts and hotels, in which you can easily find different dive facilities and diving outfit for hire.

Sodwana Bay. A couple hours of driving to the north from Durban and you’ll reach Sodwana Bay. It offers for divers a great display of unspoiled reefs, abundant underwater life and scores of the ocean landscapes. The warm current allows the reefs to thrive and the temperature of water varies from 20 to 28 degrees. The dive centers settled on Sodwana Bay have all essential equipment and tools for exploring this marine paradise. The best of them are Sodwana Bay Lodge and Coral Divers. Besides the professional dive facilities they offer PADI scuba diving curses for the beginners. For your choice there are 4 places to dive here: The Bikini Reef System, Uniforms, Quarter Mile Reef and Hotspot.

Aliwal Shoal. Aliwal Shoal is situated not far from Umkomaas. It has a petrified sandy dune from soft and stiff corals and sponges. This spot is one of the most well-known diving sites in KwaZulu-Natal. The main attraction is the ragged-tooth sharks, but you can also see such a big stuff as turtles, rays and eels. Thanks to the Mozambiquan stream it has a great visibility and a warm temperature. At Aliwal Shoal you can put up at Sea Fever Dive Lodge or ScubaAddicts Lodge & Dive Centre. And the best places to take a closer look on underwater world are Raggie Cave, Chunnel, Tiger Cover and Nothern Pinnacles.

last updated Nov 15, 2014