The underwater researches for cultural project in Tunisia

The underwater researches for cultural project in Tunisia

During the joint cultural program of Tunisia and Italy ENPI 2007-2013, on monday began the underwater research mission. The program proviides the creation of underwater tourist routes in Tunisia (Bizerte, Kerkouane, Tabarka) and Sicily (Pantelleria, and Marsala S.Vito Lo Capo). Also, creation of bicycle routes is planned too.

This project is designed for two years with a budget allocation from the EU funds in 1 366000 euros. The main aim - to identify a new ways of use of the archaeological heritage. This is part of a project on the development of local cultural heritage and making of special international tourist packages on two specific segments: diving and cycling tourism.

The goals that announced, increase interest of local enthusiasts and of course contribute literacy of local residents about the protection of cultural monuments. the increase synergy and cooperation between local and international members of tourism and cultural spheress is also expected too.

In the next few weeks divers from Sea Superintendency will be held dives for testing of identify potential objects for the making of underwater tourist routes. This will be done in cooperation with the Institut national du Patrimoine of Tunisia.

Also, the department of cultural heritage and identity Sicily's cultural heritage and identity. They cooperate with the Reverse Tourism Department, the provincial government of Trapani, Tunisian National Tourist Office and the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia.

last updated Nov 21, 2014