Treasures found near a shipwreck off Antikythera

Treasures found near a shipwreck off Antikythera

The most intriguing result of this expedition, was the confirmation of the crash not only of one but of two ships at this place. The sizes of the boats are really significant, as for that time: more than 50 meters in length. Now these fragments are buried at a depth of about 165 feet. Within a radius of 200 meters there is another ship.

The shipwreck was discovered in 1900, and in 1976 Jacques Cousteau plunged there. The expedition did not conduct a thorough archaeological excavations, but the findings still amaze: bronze and marble statues, ornaments of gold and precious stones, as well as Antikythera Mechanism - an ancient device that tracks the movement of the sun, moon and planets. Now a team of researchers from the USA, Australia and Greece have found a significant number of amphorae, some of which were intact, the anchor, a piece of lead piping, obviously, used in the ship's pump. The most significant finding was a 7 feet bronze spear. Apparently, it was part of the bronze sculpture of a warrior, which is not yet found.

Brendan Foley of Woods Hole, because of vessel`s size and wealth of his cargo, called the crash «The Titanic of the ancient world.» Researchers also believe that only a small part of the ship`s cargo was found and plan to return to excavation next year. The team plans to use futuristic diving suit the Exosuit, which has already proven itself this year. Thanks to this suit, the diver can remain under water for up to 50 hours at a depth of 300 meters at once, which improves the work efficiency. All findings will be sent to the Ephorate`s laboratories in Athens for further study.

The next expedition is planned for next September 2015, so if you have the opportunity and desire, join the team of researchers and discover the underwater secrets of the Aegean sea.

last updated Oct 17, 2014