Underwater inhabitants Koh Tao

Underwater inhabitants Koh Tao

A picturesque island in the Gulf of Thailand with an area of only 21 square kilometer attracts divers for several reasons. First of all we are talking about the great variety of dive sites: Red Rock is perfect for beginners, in South west pinnacle only professionals can dive (in this place the company you can make could be even a whale shark), and Sail rock will be great to feel people with any experience.

Koh Tao can best be reached from Koh Samui by ferry or speed boat. On the island 95% of transport are motorcycles and scooters.

As for marine life, who our article is dedicated to, the first thing worth mentioning are stingrays. Quite harmless and curious, stingrays can even afford to feed themselves with. At the same time, be careful with large animals, which are rare, but can still inflict wounds by their spine. To avoid problems it is recommended before entering the water to throw a stone in it to scare stingrays hiding there or to move shuffling gait shallow water.

While stingrays are quite friendly, this cannot be said about another inhabitant of the Gulf of Thailand. We are talking about giant moint eels. They are notorious for unprovoked attacks on divers. Although some crazy divers risk to stroke it's tummy, personally I would not advise to fawn to the fish, which reaches a length of 3 meters and weigh up to 30 kg. Instead of a rather bad reputation, we could not mention that it is known for the charm and beauty of these fish.

When diving on Koh Tao, especially near the coast you can meet banded sea snakes. Charming, flexible and long banded sea snake lives in shallow water, waste disposal sites, and in other unexpected places. Diver it can to please its truly unearthly beauty and splendor of the pattern. But be careful - these flexible beauties are poisonous and, if you value your life, show them proper respect.

Among the more peaceful inhabitants of the Gulf of Thailand it is impossible not to tell about a triggerfish. Their popularity is proofed by the fact that triggerfish even became one of the national symbols of the Maldives (it is appropriate to draw an analogy with a Kalashnikov, who was depicted on the arms of some African countries). Triggerfish is rich in its diversity. They come from very small (less than 15 cm), up to a pretty impressive individuals in almost a meter in length. A palette of bright colors: yellow, blue, silver, black - all this is a triggerfish. While they are quite peaceful, and if not go in a especially close contact with the diver, then certainly do not show aggression.

While diving on Koh Tao you can also meet groupers. No wonder it is referred to the family of stone perch. Rough body shape and dark colors with splashes of colored dots, weight up to hundreds of kilo - these are groupers. Despite it's not very peaceful appearance, groupers quite friendly and curious. So if during a dive on Koh Tao, near you begin to float fish a few tens of kg of weight and it is strangely staring at you - think of it as a sign of friendship.

You will really need to try to dive on Koh Tao and not to meet schools of big-eyed trevally. These little fish have a tendency to stay satisfied in large schools and to dwell near the shores of tropical Islands near the reef, and so on. At night these schools even go in shallow water and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the game of a big-eyed trevally, and to participate in a very intricate fishing on it.

The hawksbill is one of the most respected and, unfortunately, rare inhabitants of the Gulf of Thailand. For years, people have been hunting them. Their meat was considered a delicacy, and their armour had been used to make all sorts of jewelry. Now hawksbill are on the verge of extinction and you'll be very lucky if you are still see them. They usually live near the caves and coral reefs, are active throughout the day and it is on Koh Tao were still able to survive and consistently, though not often, please divers.

Completes our story greatest, no, huge, inhabitant of the world's oceans - whale shark. The largest of the existing fish reaches a length of 15 meters and is completely safe for humans. You can stroke it, ride it, and even photographed in an embrace - it will respond to you no more than an Eskimo snow. The majestic power of these fish, combined with absolute safety makes it desirable «trophy» any diver.

So, we told you about the most prominent representatives of the underwater world of Koh Tao. In this world of so many beautiful and unusual places so eager to dive. We want to believe that after our story is one of those places you will be and Koh Tao. We hope that you will put yourself mentally check ever arrive at there, dive and enjoy the incredible beauty and colorful inhabitants Gulf of Thailand.

last updated Nov 26, 2014