Wakatobi dive resort

Wakatobi dive resort

Wakatobi dive resort in Wakatobi National Park located with excellent environmental conditions, logical continuation of the first paragraph is a huge variety of the underwater world. It's home to a huge number of rare and endangered species. The highlight of the resort is reef that stretches 3 miles along the coast. Lack of seasonality - in Wakatobi throughout the year perfect weather for scuba diving.

Scuba diving in Wakatobi Resort differs significantly, we would say incredible, freedom and security. Resort offers some types of dives.

The highlight of this place are dive began to dive directly at the resort reef. Simply put on the equipment, go into the water and now the reef. Don’t even need to make an effort - helpfully current itself will carry you along the reef. You also can only enjoy the beauty of this place. The reef is a home to many underwater inhabitants. Starting at 6 am you can dive here.

Another opportunity to explore the 3-kilometer hotel called the taxi boat diving. Special boat (taxi boat) brings up you and your companions (up to 6 people) to the place you liked the reef. Climb over itself will carry you back to the hotel. In case of unexpected accidents boat will be waiting for you nearby. This kind of immersion held from 06.00 am until 5.30 pm.

Also has organized a night dive in Wakatobi Resort. Dives are conducted not only from the shore, but the boat too. Typically, these dives are conducted until 10 pm, but the time may be extended. The only condition - dive alone at night is not allowed.

House reef is made up of colorful walls that start at a depth of 2 meters already. There was a whole ecosystem with soft and hard corals, octopus, turtles, moray eels, stonefish, jawfish and this is an incomplete list.

But don’t think that good dive sites there directly from the Resort. At a distance of from 5 minutes to 1 hour from Wakatobi are about 40 dive sites where you can dive. Pre guide you definitely hold briefings and during the exit you will be refreshments available.

One of the main places for beginners is The Zoo. The name says it himself - in this place inhabited by incredible number of underwater inhabitants of various kinds. Ghost pipefish, lear fish, mantis shrimp and more others. At night, the reef is completely transformed. You can watch cuttlefish, squid, Lionfish, octopus. The depth at this point is 30 meters.

For more experienced divers we recommend to pay attention to the Magnifica. Incredibly beautiful reef diving depth up to 80 meters. Here you encounter schools of groupers, barracudas and many other fish will meet you here.

Also worth mentioning Waitii Ridge. Here you will meet all kinds of schools of fish, shrimp saron, turtles, pipefish, stonefish, anemones. Currently, a riot of colors and underwater life - this is what characterizes this dive site.

As for the season to visit and weather conditions, they are great. In general, all running at Wakatobi Resort warm and dry. Water temperature is 26-28 * C, visibility - about 30-35 meters.

In Wakatobi Resort apply two technologies Nitrox, so your vacation will be a more safer and enjoyable will be reduced surface intervals. At the resort you can also go Nitrox course. Wakatobi Resort certified PADI, SDI, TDI.


The resort also possible technical diving. The resort has the proper experience with rebreathers.

The cost diving is $195 per person per day.

The resort has three boats. Often they are locally produced and equipped specifically to the needs of divers. There is a storage space for equipment, shower and toilet, GPS. Boats reach a length of 24 meters, the speed is up to 11 miles per hour and are designed for 14 divers. Cruising range is 70 miles.

In Wakatobi Resort has the following accommodations: Villas, Palm Bungalows and Ocean Bungalows. All accommodation has a king-size bed (or two single beds), a balcony with deck chairs, air conditioning, Internet access, mini bar and more.

The best option for accommodation in Wakatobi Resort is a villa. All villas are classically decorated in wood and sandstone. The main highlight is their huge bathrooms, with panoramic views of the ocean. The cost of living is $ 605 for one bedroom villa and $ 845 for a villa with two bedrooms.

Located on the shore of Ocean Bungalow allow its guests to enjoy the sound of the surf and the singing of birds. All are equipped with outdoor shower and sun loungers . Accommodation costs $ 380 per day.

Palm Bungalows represent a hidden in palm groves comfortable bungalow. Some of bungalows have ocean views. The cost of living is $ 315 per day.

Dining at Wakatobi Resort at the highest level - you will not go hungry. Products are delivered regularly from Bali. In addition to the table is often served freshly caught pelagic fish. In Wakatobi has a team of highly qualified chefs, always ready to satisfy all your wishes. Cuisine is presented as a traditional Indonesian dishes and international cuisine.

Jetty bar is a perfect to relax outdoors at sunset with a glass of cola, cocktail or whatever you wish.

In Wakatobi Resort you can also enjoy the SPA-procedures Over 20 different treatments including Indonesian massage, whole set of procedures for body care and much more, so you can relax and get healthier.

The resort can be reached thanks to the resort transfer from Bali to Wakatobii. Domestic flight round trip costs $ 675. The flight to Bali Denpasar Airport from Paris worth € 790, from Sydney $ 517, from Los Angeles $ 1000.

last updated Jan 3, 2015