Water sports in Goa - secure or not?
Water sports in Goa - secure or not?

Water sports in Goa - secure or not?

The exact cause of the accident remains to be found, however, it is obvious that such incidents will affect the image of Goa as a place of tourism.

Audit of water sports will be held for control over the rigid implementation of security firms that provide services in these areas. In case of detection of violations of safety rules, firms-violators will suspend operations until the implementation of the recommendations of the auditors.

Now in Goa, there are about a thousand firms, providing services in the field of Windsurfing, diving, water skiing, water scooters, swimming with dolphins and so on.

Srivastava says that as soon as the weather improves the ban will be removed.

It is worth noting that this incident is not the first. However, once forgotten the incident state control weakened, which caused new tragic cases of violations of safety rules. In granting permits for on-site water sports are the captain of the port, the Department of fisheries and the Department of tourism. Until recently, the control of their activity was extremely weak.

I hope that the government of Goa finally take up the issue of security. Golden sand, warm sun, beautiful sea and colorful corals will not leave anyone indifferent, but the prospect will end up in the hospital after the holiday is unlikely to contribute to the good image of the resort.

last updated Nov 8, 2014