Mantangale alibuag dive resort

Mantangale alibuag dive resort


Mantangale Dive Resort is a family recreation beach resort complex, located in homonymous town in Balingoan area, Philippines. You can get to it in few steps. At first you can reach the Ninoy Aquinoy International Airport in Manila by international flights. This airport serves daily flights to Cagayan De Oro City Airport. It takes 1.5 hour. Cagayan De Oro is located in 80 km far from Mantangale Dive Resort. So you can get it by car in few hours. The resort offers outdoor swimming pool, scuba diving, where you can have dive lessons, pool, darts and air hocking game bar, playground for children, function room with air-conditioning and audio system good for conferences, and also restaurants, what serves traditional seafood.

The Mantangale alibuag Dive Resort offers for its guests following dive sites.

There are some dive sites at Camiguin Island. These far sites you can reach in 30 minutes by boat from resort. All of them are recommended for experienced or advanced divers. Jigdup Slope is the dive site with depth of 15-45 m. Bulias Shoal has depth of 15-40 m. Old Volcano is point with depth of 25-40 m. At Mantigue Island you can dive to a depth of 15-40 m and at Cabuan dive site for 40 m maximum. You can get to the nearest sites from Matangale in 10 minutes by boat. Banaug and Santa Ines Wreck are dive sites with maximum depth of 30 m. They are offered for experienced divers. Talisayan Shoal and Sipaka Point are sites for all divers. Maximum depth of diving at Talisayan Shoal is 15 m and at Sipaka Point – 20 m. The Mantangale Dive Resort offers 2 dives at nearby sites for $65 and 3 dives at Camiguin Island for $98.

Duplex Standard Cottages, Garden Suites and Presidential Suite are offered for visitors in Mantangale. Standard Cottages are equipped with two beds and private veranda. These rooms are the best for tourists traveling in pairs. Room rates per night amounts $57. Aranda and Mokara Garden Suites have two double beds. Cable TV and mini-refrigerator are offered for a comfortable rest. Garden Suites is the best choice for 4 people. It is allowed to invite 4 guests for extra charge to place them on pull-out beds. The price per night is $ 109. Presidential Suite offers 2 bedrooms with sea views. Resort proposed these rooms for 4 people and 4 extra guests. The price per night amounts $148.