Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort


Misool Eco Resort offer visitors apartments facing to the beach, spa, restaurant and lobby bar, diving center and other activities. Accommodation price start from $2120 to more than $5000, depending on the duration of the holiday and season.

Misool Eco Resort is wonderfull dive resort an conservation centre that is nuzzled deep in an archipelago of unoccupied islands, in the heart of marine biodiversity. Hotel has Wi-Fi, garden, lounge bar and restaurant. It also offers such facilities as laundry service, transfer and excursions. The resort has its own spa that provides traditional, aromatherapy massage and other procedures.

Misool Eco Resort also offers guests lots of dive activities and courses. The island of Raja Ampat is unique in terms of location abundant dive sites and reefs. Disposed in the center of the Coral Triangle, this region stretchs over 17,000 sq miles and flaunts the generality of the world's reef-building corals. Visibility here is alternating but in general 25+ meters, with 26-28 degrees temperature. There are many peculiar and marvelous sites such as Nudi Rock, Magic Mountain, Yillet, Boo Windows.

Nudi Rock located in 5 minutes from the hotel by boat. Dive site is bounden for underwater photographers, because at this place you will found a broad range of flamboyant nudibranchs hiding in the copious soft corals. The inclined shallows of Nudi Rock are staggering for wide shots with refined colours and hard coral parks.

The great island of Yillet sprawls east to west nearly 15 minutes north of the resort island. This place used to be a home location to the itinerant shark finning camp. This tiny island has been suffered the ravages of the waves action, which in turn made the underwater part of the plateau pitted with caves and potholes. On this dive site is highly recommended diving with a flashlight - with this tool you clarify the dark corners of this place to see all the critters.

Boo Windows is one of most renowned dive sites about 15 minutes from hotel, named for its uncommon topography. The South West coast of this site is fairly abrupt and undefended to current, so you are likely to catch sight of patrolling sharks. The pinnacle also encircled by hordes of plate-sized Batfish and vibarating flocks of fusiliers.

Misool Eco Resort also offer you amount of dive excursion and courses. Rate of single dive is $64. Package of 5 dives $320. It includes tank, air fill, weight. Services such as BSD, computer, torch, private dive guide are paid.

Misool Eco Resort provides visitors perfect accommodations. Hotel was totally built of tropical hardwoods, cultivated on site with hotel portable lumber-mill. Bungalows have been scrupulously designed for private, comfort and fixity.

All accommodations in resort feature air-conditioning, stylish open air bathrooms, fresh cold and hot showers, in-room safes, mini-bars, and handcrafted atmosphere. Type of accomodation, you can choose your own by selecting: Water Cottage (min $2120 per week), South Beach Villa (min $2120 per week), North Lagoon Villa (min $2535 per week).

How to get Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Resort disposed in southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Firstly you may take a flight to Jakarta airport, where you can get tickets to Sorong and get a transfer to hotel on private speed boat (4 hours).