Sangat Island Dive Resort

Sangat Island Dive Resort


Sangat Island Dive Resort is the fascinating hotel, located quite closely the entire southwestern cusp of Sangat Island. It‘s better to arrive firstly to the Manila Airport and take a plane or ship voyage to the Sangat Island. The resort offer visitors fourteen native-styled, ecological bungalows, restaurant and bar facilities, and an worldwide-renowne scuba diving center and water sport activities. Wi-Fi is free in the public area.

Sangat Island Dive Resort is a high quality resort for paradise-seekers and divers from all of the world. Located on the 300-metres span of white sand beach with coral reef gardens in admirable tropical water. The hotel offers service of beach-side two bars and two bars restaurant with a wide selection of international or regional dishes. Hotel activities presents by watersport such as sailing, sea kayaking, jet-skiing, paddle boarding and snorkeling. Also resort provides yacht charters, rock climbing centre, nature trekking and massage therapy.

Sangat Island Dive Resort offers guests different diving courses and snorkeling tours. There are several sites near hotel area, among of them are Sungat Sub Chaser, Olympia Maru, Morazan, Kogyo Maru, Skeleton Gunboat, Sungay House Reef, Lusong Reef, Dynamite Point Reef and others.

Coron Bay, dwelled near the resort territory and fed by the tropical waves of the China Sea, that provides year-round water temperature ranges from 28 to 30 degrees. These condition makes the immersion visability about 30 m according to tidal strength. All dive destinations situated close to the high seas, sites like Nanshin Maru Wreck off of the littoral of Black Island and Cathedral Cave at the southern point of the Corone Island.

Further dive sites in this area provide depth to 40 meters deep. Impressive depth allows divers to see the picturesque beaty of the sea deep life include facinating corals and all diversity of the indigenous marine fauna. Immersion depth in well-known dive sites - Sungat Sub Chaser ( 3 - 18 meters with average visability), Olympia Maru (18 -30 m with large variety of tropical fishes), The Morazan ( 14 - 26 meters immersion depth in 120 m hard coral site), The Akitsushima ( 26 – 38 metres dive nearby the warship).

Sangat Island Dive Resort offers guests different types of accommodations: Beachside Cottage, Beachside Chalets, Native Hillside Cottages, Bungalow Suits, Hilltop Chalets and The Lambingan Villa. Cost depends of guesthouse type but slightly. Also it is possible to take a discount.