Waiwo Dive Resort

Waiwo Dive Resort


Waiwo Dive Resort Raja Ampat propose diving and snorkelling activities, yoga, restaurant, bar/lounge, massage. Standard Family Room - minimal rate from $100 per night.

Waiwo Dive Resort Raja Ampat disposed at the the marvelous white sand beach encircled lush jungles. All of the resort is in the shade of the forest that teeming with butterflies and birds of many various species. The resort restaurant specialize on fresh fish and traditional regional Indonesian as well as cuisines from Papua New Guinea. Hotel offer services such as: meeting rooms, laundry, concierge, children activities, free parking and WI-FI.

Resort dive center include 2 boats that can take you from Waiwo Island to any dive spot at which you can enjoy the extraordinary marine beauty. This is facilitated by the fact that Waiwo Island disposed close to 42 worlds class dive sites which included Manta Sandy, The Passage, Blue Magic, Mikes Point and many others. Manta Sandy also well-known as a Mata Mantra disposed at the edge of the Mansour Island. Sandy bottom of the site is great spot to observe an magnificent of the underwater acrobats. The cleaning station for the mantas is at the depth near the 12 meters which is descending to the 15 meters. Where great number of mantas are usually being cleaned. Each diver has over two minutes to observe for the process, duration of which gives a plenty of time to take great photos. The best season is from mid October till April it is the optimal time for the immersions because at the tides currents are reduced. Blue Magic is the subaqueous pinnacle that starts on depth around 7 meters and goes down to the 30 meters. On the top divers can observe all sorts of fish species and a number of cleaning stations. At the depth of the site divers can observe great abudance of the predator fishes such as manta rays and sharks that are floating here. Pygmy seahorses and schools of barracudas are also abundant on this dive site. Site is recommended for Advanced Open Water / Adventure Divers or more high skilled divers with current/drift dive experience. Mikes Point is one of the most renown dive site in Raja Ampat region and offers terrain that has lots of bumps, humps, dips and walls. Depth here is over 30 meters with sand bottom, so divers can are not disturb about the vegetation of the site. Main attraction of the dive site are the coral tree gardens that situated on depth from 7 up to 10 meters. Divers can observe in gardens abudance of rare soft and hard corals, find pigmy sea horses, turtles, woebegone and other intriguing reef critters such as nudibranches that are hanging around.

Waiwo Dive Resort Raja Ampat propose Family, Deluxe and Suite apartments. Each room has a wood finish equipped with air conditioning, seating area, mosquito net and a terrace. And of course, private bathroom with a shower bath and free towels and toiletries. Family Room - minimal rate from $50 pp depending season. Deluxe Room rate starts from $65 pp. Suite Room rate is from $75 pp.

How to get Waiwo Dive Resort

Waiwo Dive Resort Raja Ampat is located in the southern part of the Waigeo Island, Indonesia. Hotel provides a shuttle service from and to the Marinda Airport that is 5 minutes drive away.